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What is care and flair? It's attention to detail, regard for your corporate branding and message, professionalism and quality, as well as selective use of words, imagination, artistry, imagery and ingenuity. Let me transform your French websites, blogs, newsletters, social media content, surveys, press releases, articles, presentations, branding strategies, mission statements, positioning plans—anything related to your marketing and communications efforts—into English masterstrokes that captivate and engage your target audience.

Below are five of the clients who put their trust in me. Click on the orange links to see examples.


Lavo inc.

Manufacturer of La Parisienne, Hertel, Springtime, Old Dutch, Arctic Power, ABC and Comet brands

Websites, presentations, press releases, marketing plans, positioning plans, brand architecture, mass mailings and surveys

&CO Collaborateurs Créatifs

Marketing agency, formerly Tonik Groupimage 



Agency website (twice), agency launch video, client websites, newsletters and marketing plans

MYR Logistik communication

Marketing and communication agency



Client websites, brochures, social media content and blogs

Montréal Scope Magazine

Former monthly magazine about events, restaurants, wine, travel and health 


All of the articles in the 11 issues published between January and November 2010

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