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Time to adapt! When it comes to billboards, ads, commercials, banners, signage, flyers, slogans, taglines—whatever needs to be snappy, clever and colloquial—a word-for-word translation won't get you noticed, unless it's so stilted it makes your target audience cringe. This is where creativity shines. I generally give you several options to ensure you get the best fit for your business. Ask a native English speaker to help you choose. It has to sound just right to the English ear, strike a note with the English mind.  I'm a full-service translator, so many of my marketing and communications clients have turned to me to solve their advertising and promotions puzzles, as well. Click on the orange links to see some of the challenges these adaptations presented and how I whipped up a solution.


Lavo inc.

Manufacturer of La Parisienne, Hertel, Springtime, Old Dutch, Arctic Power, ABC and Comet brands

Billboards, signage, one-pagers, package labels, product descriptions, slogans, signatures 
and taglines

&CO Collaborateurs Créatifs

Marketing agency, formerly Tonik Groupimage 


Client slogans, flyers, ads, banners, infomercials, one-pagers, customer event invitations, contest entry forms, greeting cards, coupons, posters, signatures and agency staff teasers

MYR Logistik communication

Marketing and communication agency



Flyers, taglines and product names

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