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REVŌWALL flyers by MYR Logistik

The challenge

Flyers for REVŌWALL’s exclusive collection speak to audiences with particular tastes. Words must be carefully chosen to convey each product’s key points.

Le lambris, rustique et résolument moderne ! 

Il recouvre murs et plafonds depuis des siècles, procurant chaleur et noblesse à n’importe quel décor. Découvrez le lambris dans sa version actuelle avec le Shiplap de la gamme REVŌWALL. Incontournable pour créer un style bord de mer ou maison de campagne. Suivez la tendance exprimée par tous les designers et créez un décor rustico-moderne avec ce produit facile à installer.

Dites-le avec des fleurs !

Ajoutez une note distinctive qui affirme votre côté tout aussi romantique que moderne grâce aux fleurs murales de la gamme REVŌWALL. Design et écolos, elles offrent un bouquet de possibilités et s’installent en un tour de main. Donnez fièrement le ton à une ambiance des plus chaleureuses et féminines, tout en demeurant sobre et noble, dans n’importe quelle pièce de votre résidence.

The proposals

Wainscot, rustic and resolutely modern!

It’s been covering walls and ceilings for centuries, adding warmth and grandeur to any setting. Discover wainscot in its latest imagining with the REVŌWALL Shiplap line. A must to create that seaside or country home look. Follow the hottest designer trend and get rustic decor with a novel touch using this easy-to-install product.

Say it with flowers!

Add a distinctive touch that reveals both your romantic and modern side with Wall Flowers from the REVŌWALL line. Designer-inspired and eco-friendly, they offer a whole bouquet of possibilities, and can be installed in no time. Proudly set the tone for an ambiance that is warm and feminine, while still subdued and stately, in any room of your home.

CRS Group tagline by MYR Logistik

The challenge

The CRS Group, an umbrella company for four divisions, wanted its audience to discover the scope of its road transport service offering, while remembering the company’s Quebec roots. Its tagline had to make it sound appealing, reliable, far-reaching and true to its heritage.

Prends la route avec nous
de la Beauce vers toute l’Amérique du Nord!

The proposal

By maintaining the French geographic designation “la Beauce” rather than using just “Beauce” as I normally would in an English translation, I was able to emphasize those Quebec roots.

Hit the road with us
from la Beauce to anywhere in North America!

Mirage product names by MYR Logistik

The challenge

Mirage flooring comes in many colours and finishes, each with its own personality. The company created a flyer to introduce new additions to its various collections. Based only on written descriptions, I had to recommend English product names.

The proposals

Admiration Collection – Charcoal, maple, exclusive (engraved look) 

Photo: Mauve, green and grey den, dark grey floor

Empreinte d’urbanité 

Urban Dusk

Urban Signature

Admiration Collection – Charcoal, red oak, exclusive (brushed look) 

Photo: Desk in grey tones, dark grey floor

Esquisse moderne 

Modern Perspectives

Modern Traces


Admiration Collection – Savanna, maple, exclusive (engraved look) 

Photo: Dining room in pastel blue, pink and green tones, warm colour (orangy) floor

Douceur actuelle 

Warm Moments

Sweet Sunsets


Admiration Collection – Savanna, red oak, exclusive (brushed look) 

Photo: Den and dining room (loft style), forest green and light pink, warm colour (orangy) floor

Terre d’apparat 

Terra Nova

Earth’s Mantle


Admiration Collection – Rio, maple, exclusive (engraved look) 

Photo: Black and white kitchen, active life, light grey floor

Blancheur soignée 

Touch of Grey

Irrepressible Grey


Admiration Collection – Rio, red oak, exclusive (brushed look) 

Photo: Equestrian and masculine in Jack Saloon resto-bar, medium grey floor

Authenticité instinctive

Wild Frontier

Real Instincts

Sweet Memories Collection – Carousel, white oak, character (brushed look) 

Photo: Monochrome beige and grey room, beige and grey floor

Douce personnalité 

Soft and Sweet

Dulcet Tones                                              


Naturals Collection – Natural, white oak, exclusive (brushed look) 

Photo: Vegan, very clean look with plant wall, natural floor

Beauté spontanée 

Natural Beauty

Bountiful Dreams


Naturals Collection – Natural, white oak, character (brushed look) 

Photo: Burgundy felt, yellow and black living room with a Buddha, natural floor

Intemporelle élégance

Timeless Elegance

Infinite Charm

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