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Hertel slogan by Lavo inc.



The challenge

In this slogan, Lavo inc. wanted to use staccato phrases to describe Hertel products, as well as use as many words as possible that remind the customer of cleanliness and shine.


Des parfums envoûtants. Une propreté étincelante.


Hertel, Désinfectant. Dégraissant. Brillant de propreté.


La salle de bain scintille. La cuisine étincelle. Vous resplendissez.

The proposal

The English adaptation flows, despite all the periods.


Scents that entice. Clean that sparkles.

Hertel. Disinfecting. Degreasing. Shining bright.

The bathroom glimmers. The kitchen gleams. You dazzle.

La Parisienne signature by Lavo inc.


The challenge

Lavo inc. reworked its brand platform for La Parisienne and came up with the following new brand signature: “Le tour est joué.” The word “tour” is significant, since it has a double meaning. I had to find an appropriate translation in the following context.



Laundry and dishwashing: two things you have to do over and over and over again. So you want to use reliable and environment-friendly products.



With effective and biodegradable products, it’s it in the bag.

French brand signature:


Avec la Parisienne, le tour est joué.

The proposals

La Parisienne breaks the cycle.


The expression “break the cycle” means you’re interrupting the never-ending cycle of laundry and dishwashing, and helping end the cycle of climate change. The word “cycle” also refers to the cycles of a washing machine and dishwasher.


La Parisienne lightens the load.


The expression “lightens the load” means the chores are facilitated, and the impact on the environment is lessened. The word “load” refers to a load of laundry or dishes.


With la Parisienne, it’s all sorted.


The expression “it’s all sorted" means that everything has been taken care of, both the chores and the environment. The word “sorted” refers to the sorting of clothes for washing and drying.

Hertel slogan by Lavo inc.

The challenge

Lavo inc. wanted an adaptation of this slogan that conveyed the very essence of cherries and almonds.

Le printemps se fait attendre ? Le nouveau Hertel Cerises Amandes saura vous faire patienter !

The proposal

The addition of the word “sweeter” in the English gives it that extra sugary goodness.

Spring taking too long to arrive? You'll find the wait sweeter with new Hertel Cherry Almond!

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